Our broad range of domestic stairlifts covers all requirements including rentals, using straight or curved lifts, for either indoor or outdoor use. A variety of options such as stand / perch, heavy capacity (190kg), powered footrests and seat swivels are available.
As approved agents for the majority of stairlift manufacturers we are confident that we can supply the right stairlift for you.
We have a comprehensive range of stairlifts available to fit most requirements.
Almost all stairlifts are fixed by feet, which hold the rail straight on to the tread on the stairs. No fixing to the wall is required except in exceptional circumstances.
They can be folded up when not in use and the width from the wall can vary widely from 11" (28cm) to 19" (49cm).
Modern stairlifts are normally battery driven so that in the event of a power failure they will continue to operate for quite some time before the batteries run low. After a lift has been used a connection from the mains through a transformer/charger unit (using low voltage power) will recharge the batteries.
Most stairlifts will carry up to 19 stone safely, and there are some than can carry up to 30 stone.
Our engineers are factory trained on all the lifts we supply, and we offer full repair and maintenance services for all of our products.

An example of what Abbey Stairlifts offer